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Greetings in Jesus’ precious Name.

He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Sunday: Next Service November 15, 2015
Morning Service : 10 AM.
Afternoon Communion Service, first Sunday of each month: Times announced that Sunday morning.

 Wednesday Prayer Service Every Wednesday.  starts 8:00pm EST


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**Due to the area the church is located, We can not get wired high speed internet, We are using Verizon Hotspot This will cause us to drop frame rate and lose connection. We apologize, and hope you receive a blessing for bearing with this. -God Bless.

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Lord’s Supper – First Sunday of each month.

23     “Many of the churches have closed communion; that is, just to their own church when they have their communion. But here we are not a denomination. We have a open communion for all, for we believe that every believer has a right to the table of the Lord and to fellowship around the good things of God with every believer, regardless of creed, color, or whatever he may be, that all have been made drink of the selfsame blessing: Christ.”

All Christians who wish to partake of the Lord’s Supper are welcome to come and join with us in the Jesus’s name. Morning Service at 10:00am, then Evening service with the Lord’s Supper usually starting around 3 or 4, depending on when the morning service ends.

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Welcome to The Open Door Tabernacle.


The Marriage Of The Lamb

30 And I feel like the kingdom of God is like a man that taken a net, and went to the sea (Jesus said), and he cast in. And when he had drawed, he taken many kinds. But the good fish, of course, was kept; and the other scavenger fish was… went back to the water, such as crawfish, and snakes, lizards, and terrapins, and so forth. But the gospel net catches all of it. And we’re… there’ll someday will be a time that we’ll cast our last net, brother. That’s right. It’s not you or I to say which is fish, and which is not. We don’t know. We just cast the net, and pull it. That’s all.

31 God knows his own. Those who He foreknew He called: and those who He called, He has justified, and those who He has justified He hath glorified. So, we’re waiting, just casting the net. And it’s my privilege tonight, to stand in Brother Edward’s church here, to help cast the net at this place, to see if there be any fish that God has for his kingdom.

32 Lord Jesus, look at the audience, knowing every heart. Thank You. Most gracious and holy God, the Almighty, El Shaddai, that appeared to Abraham in the name of the Almighty, the breasted God, the strength-giver, the nourisher of the weak, come to us tonight, Father. And we realize our weaknesses, and our mistakes. We confess our sins before Thee, and lay them on thy brazen altar of judgment, and ask that the blood of Jesus Christ take them away, in the sacrifice that we make. Grant it, O God.

We submit our lives, and all that we have. And what little talent is given us, Lord, use it to the glory of God. Bless this church, its lovely pastor, its deacons, trustees, and all the board, and every member that comes into this church called “Fellowship.” God, I pray that men and women, as they walk in that door of this place, that they’ll fall under convictions because of the lovely order of the Holy Spirit inside the building. Grant it, Lord.

33 Forgive our sins, and our trespasses, we ask again. Remember those that’s raised their hands. Down beneath that hand, Lord, was a heart requesting something from Thee. And, perhaps, maybe only Thee, alone, could give it. I pray that You’ll grant it, Father. Whatever they have need of, give it to them in abundance. If there be any sick, Lord, heal them. If there be any that’s falling by the wayside, strengthen that one, that feeble knee. “A bruised reed, He’ll not break or a smoking flax will He not quench.” And we know that He would never turn away a bruised reed; He’d mend it. And I pray, heavenly Father, that if there be any spirits that’s broken or discouraged, or feeble hands a-hanging down, and knees bagged, may they be lifted up tonight, Lord. May the Holy Spirit come and heal our hearts and spirits, and our physical beings, and we’ll give Him all the praise for it. We ask it, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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