The Open Door Tabernacle Update

Greetings in Jesus’ precious Name.

He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Sunday: Every Sunday Morning.
Morning Service : 10 AM.
Afternoon Communion Service, first Sunday of each month: Times announced that Sunday morning.

 Wednesday Prayer Service Every Wednesday.  starts 8:00pm EST



If you wish to access archives. Please register and request access with the user name and email you used to register, see contacts.

Live Stream will soon require a login. The site has been getting hit with Spam Bots and crawlers that take up bandwidth and stream slots, and people can’t get in. We have limited bandwidth and Stream Slots. | God Bless, Site Admin.

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Lord’s Supper – First Sunday of each month.

23     “Many of the churches have closed communion; that is, just to their own church when they have their communion. But here we are not a denomination. We have a open communion for all, for we believe that every believer has a right to the table of the Lord and to fellowship around the good things of God with every believer, regardless of creed, color, or whatever he may be, that all have been made drink of the selfsame blessing: Christ.”

All Christians who wish to partake of the Lord’s Supper are welcome to come and join with us in the Jesus’s name. Morning Service at 10:00am, then Evening service with the Lord’s Supper usually starting around 3 or 4, depending on when the morning service ends.

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